Buddhist temple grounds are places of tranquility and peace. There's something about the quiet of a Buddhist temple that relaxes you. Just ask these cats who all live at one.

A temple in Fukui Prefecture in Japan is home to a lot of cats. A LOT. The temple, called Gotanjouji, is known among practicing Buddhists as a place of meditation and learning. Monks and aspiring monks from all over Japan come here to try and meditate their way to enlightenment. But it's only the humans at the temple that try so hard. The thirty monks-in-training live and learn at the temple, cleaning, chanting and meditating for 365 days a year, with no days off. The cats that live there, on the other hand, just lay around all day and eat when they want, play when they want, and sleep a lot. The head monk doesn't discipline them for that, like he would the monks. He loves his cats.

The cat situation started when the monk who established the temple in 2002 loved cats and brought in an abandoned cat. When other stray cats saw how relaxed and content he looked, they all just started moving in. And now the temple is home to A LOT of cats. "When you watch cats, you can learn a lot about life from them," said a monk. "When they feel like doing something, they do it. When they feel like eating something, they eat it. And they don't eat too much. Just enough."

From the looks of the cats in the photos, they're just chillin'. Nothing to do but relax and take as many naps as they want,surrounded by the calm of the temple grounds. The monks, on the other hand, better be awake and alert for the daily group meditation session at 4:35 AM sharp.

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Cats 1, Monks 0.