A Japanese tire company, Autoway, has resorted to scaring the money out of its customers with a new horror-esque commercial. To promote snow tire sales, Autoway created a forty second commercial involving a dark and snowy road inhabited by a scream-worthy character who's good enough to star in their own horror flick.

The commercial begins with a warning screen which reads: “Not for the faint of heart video. Please refrain from watching the content if any of the following applies to you: Have any mental or physical health concern and may have to see a doctor regularly. We shall not be liable for any injuries, illness, and damages claimed to be caused while watching the contents either.”

Following the warning you're taken for a car ride with two men who are driving in blizzard-like conditions on a dark, snow covered road, when suddenly the car stops!

Watch a 400-year old alien hunk fall in love with a beautiful actress in My Love from Another Star.

What happens next in the commercial you'll have to watch for yourself, but remember, you've been warned.

Scary right? At least we've all learned snow tires can not only save us from the treacherous winter roads, but the supernatural as well.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE