If you think about the fact that all celebrities have to be photogenic in one way or another, being voted the most photogenic in all of Korea by members of the online press means that you're pretty good at having your picture taken. This year, the Most Photogenic Star was awarded to Seolhyun from AOA, who impressed voting photographers with her beauty while posing for what ended up being a very special photo..

Put on by the Korea Online Press Photographers Association (KOPA) and sponsored by Nikon Imaging Korea, the 2017 KOPA & Nikon Press Photo Awards just took place in Seoul on May 15th. With countless celebrities literally getting their photos taken hundreds of times a day by fans, photographers and photo journalists, selecting the most photogenic of them all sounds at first to be an impossible task. But this year, the choice was unanimous, thanks to one photo that stood out from all the rest.

The photo that captured the judges' hearts was that of Seolhyun, one of her posing in front of a horde of photographers, at what looks to be a red carpet event of some sort. She's smiling elegantly, yet naturally, and when you see the photo below, you can understand why it made such an impression on the professional photographers who voted. Accepting her Most Photogenic Star award, the ever-so-humble idol acknowledged those who constantly are shooting away at her, sometimes to the point of excess. "“Thank you very much for giving me such a great award," she said. "This award is more meaningful because it was given to me by the press photographers who worked hard at each site.” For once, even the paparazzi probably felt proud of the work they do every day.

"I personally really like this photo," Seolhyun continued. "I’m very happy that this one was chosen. I will hang it up in my room."


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