Who says you have to be a boy to be in a boy band? Meet FFC-Acrush, the newest boy band sensation in China made up entirely of girls.

Acrush is "a group advocating freedom, not bounded by frames." So says Zhou Xiaobai, the five-girl boy band's agent. Made up of members Lin Fan, Jun Qian, Xi Chen, Ke Ran, and Jun Xi, who are mostly in their early twenties, the group has recently been promoting themselves as girls who simply like to dress like dudes, and do it handsomely. The "A" in Acrush stands for "Adonis," the Greek god of beauty and desire. And desire is what hundreds of thousands of fans have for the idols out of southern Zhejiang province, who already have over 900,000 followers on their Weibo fan page. 

One of the things FCC-Acrush is popular for is how they actually try to respond to every single fan's attempt at communication on Weibo (most of their fans are women). Their gratitude to these fans is what sets them apart, according to their agent Zhou Xiaobai, who's no doubt counting on these young performers to make some money. And if they do, all for the better. Advocating freedom is awesome, and doing it while singing and dancing is even better. 

Good luck to the handsome youths of FCC-Acrush!

Their debut music video is scheduled for an April release.

Video of a recent promotional event 


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