Translating Chinese to English is not an easy job, and a restaurant in China shows us just how hard it can be to use the proper wording for food. These funny menu mishaps come from a restaurant in Beijing. Since the menu writer was only trying to help foreign visitors understand the menu, it's hard to make too much fun of the language gaffes, but it's still pretty entertaining and definitely worth checking out!

Iron wok stir-fried spicy squid to "Iron saucepan unwearied effort however squid."

Black jelly skin in gravy to "Fishes the juice to pull the skin back."

Sliced eggplant stir-fried with sauce and minced vegetables to "Cell secretary digs up the eggplant." We don't know what a cell secretary is but it sounds awesome!

Steamed cake stir-fried with pork to "Old vinegar hibernation of insects head." Ahhh that sounds like how super-villains are born.

Pork, tofu and preserved Chinese cabbage stew to "The brazier kills the pig vegetable." Is that food or a threat?

Pork and rice vermicelli stewed with Chinese cabbage to "The stupid pork starch noodles cook the cabbage." Don't call the pork stupid, come on!

Five-grain rice to "Grain miscellaneous grains."

Deep fried large shrimp ball to "The oil explodes the big shrimp ball."

Iron wok stir-fried spicy squid to "The iron saucepan digs up the pig face."

Beef, cow innards and wild mushroom herbal stew to "Muscle Pakistan brain wild Shan Mo."

Homemade dried Chinese sausage to "The self-restraint does the intestines."

Diced chicken fried with hot pepper to "Smells as sweet in the hot pepper palm the treasure." This one sounds like a very good life motto.

Tortoise stewed with pork to "The tortoise cook the pork."

Of course, words getting lost in translation is a time-honored fact of life, but with the advent of the Internet, we just get to see more of it.