CCTV newscaster Li Ze Peng is becoming quite the hot topic in China due to a series of hilarious photos he posted on his Weibo account. This news anchor may be new to the broadcasting world, but he sure knows how to get his audience excited!

During a recent broadcast, Li Ze Peng showed off both the finished news clip as well as what actually happened behind the scenes. Scroll down to see the surprising truth!

Looks like a completely normal broadcast, right?

But wait! What's that he's wearing?

It's bright red running shorts!

It turns out that along with his formal suit and tie he was also wearing bright red running shorts the whole time! Li Ze Peng posted these photos to show off the amusing reality that can come with working as a broadcaster. Since we only see his upper body on camera, it doesn't matter what he wears on the bottom!

Chinese netizens have not only been praising Li Ze Peng's sense of humor, but they are also admiring his good looks. Many joked that they now have a reason to stay up late to watch the news.

Here's an example of his usual appearance on the news.

Pretty handsome, right?

Li Ze Peng is also very active on social media, posting many model-like pictures for his fans. 

Pretty funny, right? Can you believe he was only wearing running shorts while on camera? Would you be more willing to watch the news if the newscasters were as handsome as Li Ze Peng?

Share your thoughts below!

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