A suggestive restaurant in China is making quite a splash on the Internet for their policy of hiring foreign male models. It's worth pointing out that the models get hired with one caveat: they have to take their shirt off while they serve you. Needless to say, netizens had several things to say about the unique eatery. Over 25,000 people commented on the pictures on Sina Weibo of the stud models and 64,000 people reposted the images.

Many of the comments, of course, were positive and hilarious:

"A restaurant in Chengdu hired foreign male model to be a server!! Business has exploded!!!"

"Pshaw! What’s worth commenting about the selling sex? I just want to say: Where in Chengdu?"

"An offense to public morality! Every time I see this kind of news, my first reaction is: tell me the address!"

And my personal favorite:

"I see the one being carried is my girlfriend. What should I do? Should I break up with her?"

Of course, there were some who found something negative to say about the restaurant and the netizens who are championing it.

"In this kind of microblog post, it will definitely be girls being happy, guys hurling abuse, insecurities laid bare"

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