Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 4.50.56 PM There's a cigarette smoking turtle in China. This little guy is owned by a man Changchun, and his habit is up to almost a pack a day. According to Kotaku:
"The reptile picked up the habit this June when its owner flipped the animal to remove a thorn from the animal's underbelly. According to the owner, the turtle tried to bite him, so to pacify the critter, he put a cigarette in its mouth. The turtle was hooked."
If anyone needs proof that cigarettes cause wrinkles, just look at the photo above. Who knows what else this turtle does in his free time -- he probably cuts chemistry class, throws on his leather jacket, and rides his small turtle-sized motorcycle off into the sunset, at a very slow speed. Because he's a rebel, man, who doesn't play by society's rules. (via Kotaku)