A super-cute Japanese couple has just become the stars of a series of awesome anime Internet memes…but has sadly also ended up looking like cheaters in front of the whole world.

Last week, Japan was hit with its worst snowstorm since 1994, where the country’s capital was shrouded in the kind of snow in Satoshi Kon’s Tokyo Godfathers. Reporters decided this was the best time to go around and interview people, and one couple caught on camera in front of Shibuya Station became a legend because the guy did the most embarrassing thing any guy can do: he professed his love on television.

In a moment of immense cheesy proclamations, the young man said, “I like the special feeling I'm lost in when walking in the snow with my lover." And instead of vomiting rainbows like the rest of us, the guy’s lover wasn’t all that pleased—in fact, she was so embarrassed that she actually covered her face.

Well, that was apparently enough to drive all anime fans crazy as Twitter quickly lit up with insane anime renditions of the overly cute couple and the Internet started to fill up with these….

The obligatory Attack on Titan remake.

The nostalgic Gundam creation.

Another, not as well-drawn, Attack on Titan remake.

The unavoidable Dragon Ball Z moment.

Watch a 400-year old alien hunk fall in love with a beautiful actress in My Love from Another Star.

The depressing loner.

Yet another Dragon Ball Z moment (seriously, the show ended like 10 years ago; watch some new anime!).

The Hunter x Hunter tribute.

And then there were the guys that just had to make it creepy.

And, to make matters even worse for the poor couple who already became Internet memes overnight, some people started pointing to how the guy wasn’t wearing a ring while the girl was, and how he used the word “lover” to describe her, which is supposedly not something married men say to their wives.

Well, it may sound impossible, but people do forget their wedding rings. Plus, is it really so weird for a guy to call his wife his lover? Because that actually sounds really romantic. And considering how he is willing to trek through 8.7 inches of snow because he loves walking with his lover, this guy clearly knows romance.

Therefore, to our random anime couple: we all celebrate your love.

So, what do you think? Have anime fans gone nuts, or is this just the most beautiful love story you’ve heard in a while? Sound off in the comments below! And for all your entertainment needs, be sure to follow DramaFever and myself on Twitter.