Having grown up in Tokyo, I am all too familiar with the experience of getting woken up in the middle of the night by a big earthquake. Fortunately for me, I've never had a house or building I was living in come collapsing on me, but if it did, all I would have needed to survive is this earthquake-proof bed that swallows you whole and closes up as soon as it senses the ground shaking below. 

Invented by Wang Wenxi from China, this bed will save your life. When the earth moves and shakes at a large scale, houses and buildings collapse, especially those not built up to proper standards. When there are human casualties in earthquakes, it's generally because of falling debris or because people get trapped under rubble, not able to escape the tons of concrete that come crashing down from a collapsed building.

The bed Wang designed will save your life, but it may give you a heart attack while doing so. As soon as the bed senses the rumbling of an earthquake, a mechanism suddenly drops the mattress and shuts a metallic trap, sheltering whoever's sleeping on it inside. The once comfy-looking bed transforms into what is essentially a large metal box, capable of withstanding anything that falls over it, even an entire apartment building! Once inside the box, you can even access water, food, medical supplies, and tools.

Of course, Wang has not mentioned whether or not this bed means anything if you live on the 11th floor and your apartment collapses with you trapped in a dark and scary metallic box. How to get this large, super-heavy bed up to your bedroom is also a mystery. But I guess that's fine because there hasn't even been any word on how to purchase one or if they're even available!

Despite the many obvious flaws, it is a pretty cool invention. But I think I'll take my chances with having a normal bed and just running outside if I'm ever woken up by a magnitude-7.