In our modern world of computers, the opportunity or need to use pencils in our everyday lives has become almost non-existent for most of us. But with this new collection of cute Japanese erasers, you may just want to scribble something down with a pencil just so you can erase it.

To be honest, I can't remember the last time I actually owned an eraser, or even used one. Everything I write now, for the most part, is written on my computer or my phone. Unless pencils are a necessity for you in your occupation or hobby, they just don't have that much to do with our lives anymore. Iwako, a company in Saitama, Japan, still has very much to do with all things erasers. They make erasers of all kinds: animal erasers, food erasers, sports erasers, you name it. Any and all kinds of erasers that make it fun for kids to erase their mistakes as they learn to write the right way and draw whatever it is they want.

This collection of colorful and fun erasers is a reminder that using a pencil to write and draw can be a lot more fun and creative than typing away on a keyboard, especially for kids. In a world where more and more things are getting digital, it's nice to know people out there are dedicated to making it fun to use a pencil.

If interested, just go to They do ship overseas!

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