One of the most inspirational stories surrounding this year's World Cup has nothing to do with the players on the field. A Brazilian superfan named Carlos Santana (great name!) is deaf and blind, but that doesn't stop him from watching his favorite soccer team.

Santana is able to cheer on and follow his favorite team by having a sign language instructor guide his hands on a mini replica soccer field while a woman sits behind him and taps his back on the play-by-play. The instructor's named is Hélio Araújo Fonseca and he is also the one who posted the beautiful, uplifting video.

The woman tapping him on the back is named Regiane Cunha Pereira, and she is informing Santana on every action of the game. For example, she tells him whether an action was a shot or pass. It's truly remarkable to watch Santana enjoy Brazil defeat Croatia, and even more amazing to watch him celebrate a goal (10:06 in the video).”">Watch four rookie detectives fight crime under a hot-blooded, off-the-wall chief detective in You Are All Surrounded.