This dog literally went from skin and bones to the equivalent of a beauty pageant winner. The triumphant transformation of Tiny the dog in his before and after photos is simply stunning, and the story of his rescue and recovery is even more amazing. (Warning: Graphic photos)

A British man named Sean McCormack started a sanctuary for abandoned animals in Taiwan 15 years ago. One day in 2012 he saw a dog in the pound that was so diseased and emaciated that he was just skin and bones, and his original breed was unrecognizable.

He named the dog Tiny and nursed him back to health. With proper nourishment, medical care and love, Tiny became healthy, and he transformed into a beautiful Rottweiler.

Recently Tiny won Best Transformation at the Ruff awards held by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). According to the RSPCA, More than 315,000 people logged onto its Facebook page to vote for Tiny in The Ruffs awards.

"We’ve been amazed by the response we’ve had with our winner, Tiny, the rottie found wandering the streets in a terrible state but whose life has been transformed by Sean McCormack from The Sanctuary in Taiwan and his loving new owner," said Violet Owens, RSPCA campaigns manager.

"It is overwhelming how the public have responded to this competition - with hundreds of thousands of people voting throughout the week. Our finalists will never be ‘perfect’ according to ‘breed standards’ but Tiny and our other finalists represent the true spirit of the contest that celebrates dogs for health, welfare and happiness which should always be put before how a dog looks.”

The story doesn't end here though!

Sean McCormack's animal sanctuary, The Sanctuary Taiwan, is facing a crisis because the landlord wants to sell the property. He now is trying to raise funds to buy a 2.5 acre land to house his 200-plus animals which include dogs, cats, pigs, pigeons, rabbits, squirrels, and hedgehogs. Sean is hoping to raise funds through online contributions.

You can find more information at the bilingual Chinese and English website for The Sanctuary Taiwan. You can become a unique sponsor for your own designated animal!