It was recently reported that a male model named Bodhi, only four years old, signed an exclusive modeling contracts with a number of major fashion houses, earning himself an average of over 15,000 dollars a month. Not a big deal, you say? It WOULD be if you knew Bodhi was a dog!!

In a world where millions of Americans are unemployed, and for those lucky enough to have jobs, even more are working for minimum wage, are drowning in debt, or just barely getting by living paycheck to paycheck, this story of male dog menswear model Bodhi is sure to make some folks growl with envy.

As you can see in the photos, there's nothing special about Bodhi, especially considering he's signed to exclusive deals with Coach, Ferragamo, and ASOS. Yeah, he looks cute in his trendy outfits, but what dog doesn't look cute in human clothes? He definitely has to be one of the luckiest dogs around to be making 15,000 dollars a month. Actually, let me rephrase that. His owners definitely have to be one of the luckiest dog owners around to be making 15,000 dollars a month walking their pet to photo shoots around New York City. They've both quit their jobs to focus on Bodhi's modeling career. Of course, a dog fashion model's career must require so much focus.

For those of you with pets, you may be raising a supermodel and not even know it. Because if Bodhi can do it, any dog can!

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