A Chinese factory in Liu Zhou, Guanxi Province has discovered a dual purpose for its rooftop that allows it to "go green." By planting rice on the roof, the factory is saving cooling cost, and the rooftop looks pretty too.

On top of the factory buildings are fields of joyous green during the summer. When the factory was being constructed in 2009, the owner, Mr. Chen, needed a solution to shield the buildings from Guanxi's extreme heat.

He realized that there was an underground well near the factory, so he made sure the roof was built with extra durability. He then hired two old farmers to plant rice fields on top of the buildings. Rice requires a lot of water to irrigate, so during the first year the production was not good because the irrigation system was not built well. After improvements were made, they steadily increased the rice production from about 770 pounds to over 1,100 pounds in the last harvest.

The news article didn't explain it, but it seems there is a large vegetable garden on the ground as well. This factory really knows how to keep everyone fed as well as conserve energy. Take that, Rooftop Prince!