A man spent only US $9,000 and took only 6 weeks to build a new home on a mango farm in Thailand. He calls it his "dome home," but many people are calling it the Pumpkin House because of its shape and coloring. Take a video tour with Steve Areen and see how he turned his dream into real dome home.

For 22 years, Steve Areen has traveled to some of the most beautiful and remote areas in the world. He now lives in the dome home he helped build in a remote area in Thailand.

Steve's friend owns a mango farm located in northeastern Thailand, and offered him a spot to build a dome home. It took only 6 weeks to build, and Steve participated in the construction. The basic building cost about 6,000 dollars with another 3,000 dollars for the interiors, landscaping, furnishings, etc. One might even say he's got a million-dollar view, but ultimately, it's not even about how much the cost is, but how comfortable and beautiful it is living in this dome home.

Let's experience together the serene and fabulous dome that Steve calls home.

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Steve is also a musician. Learn more about Steve and his variety of interests and travels at his website. He now calls himself the 'Viral Dome Dude' because the story of his dome home has gone viral and he has thousands of fan emails to read and answer.

Steve is originally from Ohio and now lives in a dome home in Thailand. What do you think about Steve's dome home? Do you have a dream home? Where would you like to have a dream home?