"Karaage" means deep-fried in Japanese, and Japan just had an entire week celebrating it. The 5th annual "All Japan Karaage Championship" took place in Tokyo just a day before the 1st ever three day "Karaage Festival".

Karaage chicken is a staple food in Japan, and is even popular in Japanese restaurants all over the world. But there's more to karaage than just chicken. You can deep fry anything you want. Some popular karaage items are fish, shrimp and even vegetables.

The "Japan Karaage Foundation" pre-selected restaurants from all over to be considered for the competition. Once selected, the restaurants were put on a shortlist online for kaarage fans to vote for. The top ten restaurants were then invited to compete against the best of the best deep-friers in Japan. Awards were given to restaurants for originality, for best flavors for any type of karaage representing their regions, and also for best karaage with certain ingredients. A huge success, the competition was packed with spectators, restaurant owners and chefs/cooks.

The Karaage Grand Prix:

"Karaage is a symbol of peace," said the head of the Japan Karaage Foundation.