The new employee uniforms at McDonald's in Taiwan are both simultaneously confusing people and making them very, very happy.

For the last couple of days, employees at the fast food chain have been dressing up as maids, sailors and flight attendants as part of a new promotion for the super store. According to their Facebook page, everyone at the restaurants will dress up for the promotion on December 31st throughout the country!

The new promotion is part of the chain's attempt to draw attention in a lighthearted and fun way. The sailor costumes also include cat ears and a really nice salute. McDonald's has plans to unveil more new costumes leading up to the New Year. So get ready for some burgers, fries and pretty cool insanity that you may only see in foreign chains!

No, we salute you.

Maids and sailors. Who would win in a burger fight?

The "flight attendants" at McDonald's. These employees might cause customers to ask, "Wait a minute, why is this McDonald's not flying?"

Do you think employees in the U.S. could pull off these uniforms?