A cafe and bar in Ginza encourages customers to get creative by allowing them to write, draw and paint on anything and anywhere in their establishment. Pentel, maker of pens, pencils and markers, is producing Rakugaki Cafe & Bar, open only for a limited time, so they can promote their products in a very cool and original way.

Remember being a kid sitting in a restaurant with your parents, and all you wanted to do was have a marker and draw something? The nice waitress would get you a pen and you'd get to work drawing on some napkins. As an adult, you just start to not do these things. You become the person getting a pen and paper for the kid sitting next to you. But at Rakugaki (which means doodling in Japanese) Cafe & Bar, you can go all out and doodle on walls, chairs, doors and even windows. The entire cafe & bar is your canvas! All the doodling pencils, pens and markers are provided free of charge by Pentel. The items on the menu are all extra-colorful and themed to doodling. They even have special events where customers can come and doodle on each other's faces. Sounds like fun. I can't wait to see the space after a month and a half of drunken and creative doodling!

Rakugaki Cafe & Bar is open from June 2nd to July 27th on the 7th floor of the new NOCO Building in Ginza. Open from 12 PM - 11:30 PM.

Doodle staff:

Only the beginning...

Doodle on windows:

Painter fries: