Move over hot bean curd seller — there's another gorgeous man in Taipei! After the craze over Taiwan's hottest bean curd seller a few weeks ago, this beautiful fruit stand employee has also made a name for himself online due to his chiseled six pack and good looks.

Wang Xiang Hong is 20 years old and has been working part-time at this fruit stand for the past six months. Interestingly enough, he is located outside of Taipei in Beitou, the same place where the hot bean curd seller is from!

Wang Xiang Hong told reporters that he is also working as a part-time model and that he plans to serve in the army later this year. Since Taipei is very hot in the summer, he admitted to often taking off his shirt while working. He also noted that many aunties will complement his body and even move closer towards him while buying their fruit...

Xiang Hong was childhood friends with the fruit stand owner's son and started to help out at the store when it became understaffed. His main responsibilities include serving customers and stocking the fruit stand. When the owner was asked if she has seen increase in customers after having Xiang Hong work at her stand, she said that she couldn't tell since the store has always done well. Well, I'm sure it certainly hasn't hurt business!

So, is this fruit stand seller as gorgeous as the bean curd hunk? Take a look for yourself below!

What do you think? How does this fruit seller measure up against the hot bean curd man? Please share your thoughts below!

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