Hey, we've all done things to try and get a significant other. Some of us lift weights, get tan, or eat healthier, and then some of us grow our hair out to look almost perfectly square. Ok, so the last one doesn't happen nearly as often as the others, but I wish it did because one man in Taiwan has recently perfected the blockhead haircut, and it's truly glorious.

The 54-year-old with the surname of Wu reportedly grew his hair in this shape when a younger woman rejected him and he decided that the square cut would make him look younger.

Well, I don't know if he looks younger, or just looks like a Lego character, but either way, we salute his effort. The block hairstyle reportedly usually takes around two hours to do and requires two cans of gel. Wu is no one to scoff at, as he is a scientist at the National Taiwan University Hospital. I truly hope that the younger ladies at least appreciate his amazing look!

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