A Taiwanese student studying at the Australian Catholic University was asked to submit his photo for his student ID card. For fun, he submitted a hilarious photo he had taken with a chicken. What follows is a record-setting first in the history of that university, or perhaps any university in the world.

New international students at the Australian Catholic University were asked to submit their favorite photos to be used for their student ID cards. He Dao-Yuan, a student from Taiwan, was told he could use his Facebook photo. Just for fun, he sent over a photo he had taken with a chicken.

The next day, he received an email saying, "Rejected - Must be of you only. No Chickens!"

He knew he had to deliver a regular photo to the school's office.

As soon as he stepped inside the office, he saw that everyone stared at him. He became worried.

The receptionist explained to him that by rule, no other person or "being" could be in his photo. However, his photo was so hilarious that everyone in the office laughed so much they couldn't stand up straight. Therefore, the school decided to break its own rule and use his photo.

Even the chief of student services came to shake his hand and said, "Thanks to you, I have been laughing for two whole days."

Here is his new student ID, or perhaps it's the chicken's student ID?

He Dao-Yuan is very impressed by the humor-appreciating Australians.

(I'm sure he means this would never have been accepted by the straight-laced Taiwanese colleges.)