The annual Shizuoka Hobby Show took place for the 53rd time this year at Twin Messe Shizuoka until the 18th of this month, and those who made it got to see something pretty awesome.

This hobby show has been around for quite some time. It started in 1959, and takes place every May in Shizuoka. It's a show where hobbyists and fans of radio control cars and planes, plastic models, electric train sets, etc. from all over Japan can go see and exhibit the newest and coolest toys. For the last five years, the "Miyazaki Mecha Model Club," made of Hayao Miyazaki fans who are also model fans, have been having exhibitions here. These hobbyists create amazing models of all things Miyazaki. The club itself and the exhibition has been getting bigger in the last few years. With over 70 models this year being exhibited, the exhibition space had to be moved to one that could house all the models and hobbyists.

The love for the material and passion of all those who worked on these is obvious. Creating anything as detail oriented as the models you see in the photos below takes a lot of time and effort. These hobbyists are more than just really into their hobbies. They're artists, creating pieces that are only possible through creativity, hard work and dedication. There are Totoro, Gibli, Nausicaä and even Lupin models, all carefully made from scratch.

For those of you who are Miyazaki fanatics, and maybe thinking about taking a trip to Japan someday, this show is definitely one to keep on your radar. Next year will be the 54th show, and these Miyazaki Mecha Model Club members are no doubt getting ready to start work on their new pieces to exhibit once again.

And for you plastic model fanatics, the hobby show also includes the biggest plastic model exhibit in the world.


Fujiko chan!

Amazing detail: