Do you dread traveling and waiting in long lines at the airport? Well now you have something to look forward to, at least if you are traveling to Singapore! A very handsome airport security officer at the Changi airport in Singapore has recently gone viral for his good looks and charming smile.

Lee Minwei is a 22 year old corporal in the Auxiliary Police Force at Certis Cisco. His team works at the Changi Airport in Singapore where he checks passports at the departure security checkpoint.

Certis Cisco posted the following photo on their twitter account, which thus caused the internet to go on a frantic quest to find out more about this handsome security officer.

The Changi airport then came forward and reveled the truth on their Facebook page. Even better, they shared another great photo and some very important information including if he has a girlfriend!

The comments are the post are also quite hilarious.

This one is a true gem. Looks like Lee Min Ho may have some competition! 

Also, in case you were wondering, the airport let the world know that Lee Minwei is stationed at Terminal 2, so be sure to keep your eyes open for him if you happen to be passing by.

*Gets on the next plane to Singapore*

You can check out even more pictures of Lee Minwei below!

Are you already planning your trip to Singapore? Share your thoughts below!

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