You might see these photos and think that an adorable stuffed animal is living alone in the woods, but trust me when I say that this insanely cute creature is completely real. The name of animal is Ili pika,  and it was recently spotted in China. 

Not only are Ili pika completely adorable, they are also extremely rare. In fact, this is the first Ili pika citing in 20 years, and there are believed to be less than a 1,000 of them left in China. The animal's endearing good-natured looks earned it the nickname of "magic rabbit" by local volunteers. 

The world learned about these amazing creatures in 1983 when they were first discovered in the Tian Shan Mountains. Scientist Li Weidong made the recent discovery, finding the furry animal again in the northwest mountains of China. 

Li Weidong

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