An 83-year-old, baseball-playing woman proved that it's never too late to do anything by recently graduating from high school in Kawasaki, Japan.

At 83 years old, Chie Nakabeppu just graduated from high school. The oldest "joshi kousei" or "high school girl" in Japan, she attended Takatsu High School for 4 years, part-time. She played on the girls' baseball team and took classes with everyone else.

Born in 1930, she had to quit school before junior high because of the need to help on her family farm during World War II. She always regretted not being able to go to school. She wanted to learn English. So a few years after her husband passed, she went back to junior high at the age of 76. Seven years later, she got her high school diploma.

She says, "Every class was so fun. Once I entered the school grounds, I would forget about my age. The 4 years I spent here went by in a flash." She made many friends with her classmates who were young enough to be her grandchildren. She even won "Best Teammate Award" as a senior. During last year's Prefecture Baseball Tournament, she played left field, running to the mound to calm down her pitcher who was struggling.

Next year, she's publishing a book about her life experiences. It's never to late to do what you want with your life.

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