An artistic, young Taiwanese man just created the coolest Godzilla fan art. His material? Fallen leaves he picked up off the ground on campus, in parks, and on streets. But what's really interesting is what the artwork represents.

Another man's trash is another man's treasure... It doesn't get any more high quality than this. Li Yi-Kai, a graduate student studying landscape architecture at Nanhua University in Taiwan, has become somewhat of a sensation amongst Godzilla fans for his sculptures made out of fallen pine leaves he found on the ground. If you look close, Godzilla's skin looks scaly and rough just like the real deal. His eyes, his mouth, everything about him is realistic. Yi-Kai's Godzilla is angry, and it shows. And he's just pine leaves!

The actual producer of Godzilla apparently "liked" Yi-Kai's work on the Godzilla fan page on Facebook, and more and more people are learning about his talent. Yi-Kai left this message with photos of his work: "Godzilla is a symbol of the dangers of nuclear power. I hope people all over the world can educate themselves on the problems that come with it." This is fitting considering that the director of the new Godzilla recently stated that Godzilla represents nature's wrath on humankind for abusing the earth.


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