A few months ago, the good people at Japanese wireless carrier NTT Docomo showed us how to make shrimp tempura at a lightening three-second speed. But now the clever company is back with a new commercial that shows a similar technique for preparing pot stickers in record time. 

The video shows the host explaining how you prepare traditional pot stickers. Some of the ingredients in the delicacy include ground pork, garlic, garlic, chives, pepper, salt, napa cabbage, and of course gyoza skins. 

Now this is where the commercial gets a little tricky to try at home, as you'll also need a high-speed 4G cannon. The filling for the pot stickers is eventually shot out of this cannon through a series of spice and seasoning stages in record time, making for the perfect snack. 

The commercial is another super innovative way for the wireless company to illustrate the speed of their service. 

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