Another unique new item has appeared at a Japanese fast food joint. Lotteria, a burger franchise, has just announced their new limited edition "Tsukemen Burger," set to hit the market on May 20th.

Tsukemen is a cold-ramen where you get the noodles separately from the broth and ingredients and dip the noodles in yourself. It's popular for a number of reasons. The cold ramen is great in the summer. Noodles don't get soaked in the broth, for those that like their noodles to stay a certain texture. If you run out of noodles, you can always order more. More and more people eat tsukemen these days(especially younger people), resulting in more ramen shops offering it on their menu.

In fact, tsukemen is getting so popular that you will now be able to get it at Lotteria! Well, kind of. The new item is the "Tsukemen Burger." It's ramen noodles in a bun, served with broth stacked with bamboo shoots, scallion, roast pork and fish cake. The noodles are made crispy on the outside and flavored with a little mayo and pork broth sauce. But don't forget about your broth full of ingredients. You can eat the noodles as a burger or as tsukemen. The choice is yours!

As everybody knows, Japanese people love their ramen, and they love their fast food burgers too. And thanks to Lotteria, they can now actually have both at the same time.

Prices are 650 yen for the small, 700 yen for the medium and 750 yen for the large.