On June 5th, billionaire Son Masayoshi, CEO of Japanese mobile phone giant Softbank and now also Chairman of Sprint, revealed at a press conference the creation of a personal robot that can sense human emotion. It'll be on the market in February of 2015.

Pebbles is her name. She is a robot, a little under four feet tall. She is the center of a crazy story, even for people who may not be interested in anything robot related. Son Masayoshi held a much awaited press conference two days ago and announced that his company had created an emotional robot. This robot has feelings of independence. Through sensors, she can assess your emotional state by the tone of your voice, and has a built-in camera that can analyze emotions on your face and understand those emotions. She can entertain, dance, and do things to make you laugh. She has the capacity to learn and gain knowledge.

Now, I'm not a tech person, but this is so fascinating. Imagine years from now, when this amazing robot is gonna seem obsolete, like a tape recorder or dial phone. Someday, if we last long enough, there's a real possibility that a robot could look, act and physically feel 100% like a human being. Right? I know it's a robot, and it has no feelings whatsoever. But if you interact with it enough, and it reacts to you, who knows what you start feeling. It empathizes with you, makes you feel better. Pretty soon, you start looking forward to coming home...

Just imagine 100, 200, 1000 years from now. The future is here!

Pebbles costs 198,000 yen, about 2,000 dollars.

"Oh Pebbles, you're so funny!"