Only paying 250 dollars, or 25,000 Yen, for rent sounds like an amazing deal anywhere. Live alone in your own apartment for that amount? And in Tokyo of all places, three minutes from a train station? I'm takin' it! But wait, there are just a few less than desirable aspects...

You do get your own kitchen. I mean, there's no space to actually cook or anything, but you get a kitchen. And of course there's no shower or bath. But there are plenty of public bathhouses in the neighborhood to go to for as little as 100 Yen, or about a dollar. They have clean, hot, large, relaxing baths. So see? Everyone talks about how expensive Tokyo is, but not really!

Not everyone is as disgusting as the dude in the photos. But under all his mess, there's a nice little apartment there somewhere. If all you need to do is go home and sleep, no problem. I've attached a few floor plans of actual apartments for rent in Tokyo for the same price. If you've ever wanted to live in Tokyo, but thought it was too expensive, now you know. Cheap apartment, public bathhouse, and if you're good with eating rice balls and soba noodles everyday, you're all set!

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