No, this is not a drum set. It's a Japanese keyboard that has keys for every character, even your most-used emojis. The keyboard has eight panels and is laid out to look almost exactly like a drum set. While the keyboard is just a prototype (and was almost surely made as a joke), it does look like it would be fun to play with.

The photos show just how detailed and extensive a Japanese keyboard would be. The two men in the photos are using mallet-like sticks to type, which makes them look like they are rocking out in a very good drum solo. It would take an awful lot of time to master this keyboard, but we think a lot of people would be up for the fun, cool challenge. Check out the pictures of the prototype keyboard because there is no denying that it looks totally awesome! And completely, totally impractical.

This keyboard has everything!

He's just "typing" away.

Drum set, or the coolest keyboard ever?