We have an update to the story about the poor guy who kissed his turtle goodbye and got an unexpected gift. He was bitten right smack on his lips and is now in recuperation (we hope). We have the entire sequence of the unfortunate incident and how he looks now.

As the photos went viral, Chinese netizens are calling his lips "sausage lips." It is certainly a hard-earned lesson on what not to do with turtles or any wild animals.

Du You Shun, a specialist at the Wuhan Zoo, says that if anyone is accidentally bitten by a turtle, the best course of action is to immerse the bitten area along with the turtle into water. The turtle needs to breathe and will open his mouth. The wound should be treated immediately of course. Du also says it is rare for the bite to be so venomous to result in such a "huge" reaction. Therefore, there are some netizens who are speculating that the last photos may be a photoshopped.

What do you think?