For one year, Beijing resident Zou Yi took a photo of the city skyline every single day. The photos undoubtedly highlight the city's pollution problem and hopefully will unite politicians to take drastic action. 

The photo project began on January 27, 2013, and Zou Yi kept the experiment consistent by always taking a photo of Beijing's BTV tower, at the same time, from the same exact angle. The Beijing resident then uploaded the pictures on his Sina Weibo account. 

Zou Yi said this of the experiment: "A picture is worth a thousand words. If you see the same place, at the same time over a full year, the quality of the air becomes perceptible immediately. I hope that after seeing the pictures people will start to pay attention to and protect our living environment. Data and theories are too abstract, but pictures can give a much more vivid picture."

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There does appear to be some traction in the fight to stem worldwide pollution as the photo series comes on the heels of a recent deal between the United States and China to combat climate change.