Xiao Huang made one simple mistake, but she was accused of a whole lot more.

She came home tipsy from a reunion with friends and made the decision to take a bath in the public restroom. When she finished and went back to her apartment, she realized she had locked herself out. She walked upstairs with only her robe on to the landlord’s apartment, knocked on the door, and the door opened a crack. Right after asking for some spare keys to her apartment, the resident, Mrs. Chen, swung open the door and proceeded to attack Xiao Huang with her slippers.

It turned out that Xiao Huang went up one too many floors to Mrs. Chen’s apartment. Mrs. Chen mistook Xiao Huang to be her husband’s mistress, assuming that her husband must have a spare key to this half dressed woman's home.

Once security cleared the issue up, Mrs. Chen offered to pay for Xiao Huang’s medical expenses after feeling horribly guilty. And you thought you had trust issues!