Prepare to have your mind completely blown, as what you are about to see is one of the greatest things since the invention of dolphins. Remember how whenever it was time to take your yearbook photo you made sure your hair looked right, brushed your teeth, had a nice shirt on, and ensured that your sideburns weren't bigger than your ears? Well, when left to their own devices, these high school students in South Korea didn't care about any of that, and the results could not be more glorious.

Many of the these incredible pictures come from Jeonju Haesung High School where students got to do whatever they wanted in their yearbook photos. Check out the amazing and totally hilarious shots!

Sumo wrestler or Super Mario?

Hey, sometimes your best friend is a plant.

These guys should be called "Ties and Swords." They first fight crime, then solve very complicated equations.

The Nun Rapper

No belt, no problem.

Looks way too happy to be holding scissors. Like we've always said, never get a haircut from someone wearing a surgical mask.

Very important businessman. Probably invests everyone's lunch money in high interest CDs.

The real Super Mario

Sir, your head is stuck in some wood.

This man is about to dive into a tree.

The Grand Finale