Japan is a country known for providing both domestic and international tourists with unforgettable and sometimes bizarre experiences. This rings doubly true for Japan's Yunessun Spa, a onsen (hot spring) resort which offers its customers some of the most unique bathing experiences in the world! What is so special about these baths you ask? Well...for one...you might just find yourself submerged in your beverage of choice! 

For many, hot spring resorts have become synonymous with Japan. And for good reason! Hot spring resort vacations are not only a national past time for the Japanese, but continue to garner attention from international tourists who are looking to experience the culture of Japan. With more than 3000 hot spring resorts in a country that would fit within California, how do you stand out from the rest of the competition? 

Enter Yunessun Sap Resort! Located within the heart of Hakone, one of Japans most popular hot spring destinations, this particular resort has been aptly descried as a 'hot spring theme park' offering some of the most unique bathing options out there! However, the baths they offer are not unique for uniqueness sake for they are said to also have amazing benefits for the bather! 

Make sure to check out their unique baths and benefits below!

Wine spa

Wine's health benefits (in moderation of course) have long been known to connoisseurs of this timeless drink, but it seems that a wine bath can also help protect skin from environmental damages. 

Green tea spa

This onsen bath is one of the largest at Yunessen and is said to be prepared using authentic green tea which was picked at the foot of the Tanzawa and Hakone mountains. The bath promises bathers more youthful looking skin!

Sake spa

It seems that the national alcohol of Japan is meant for more than just drinking. This bath made up of Japanese rice wine is said to fight against sun spots!

Coffee spa

If you are not a morning person this bath is for you! Wake up to the smell of coffee...but not in the usual sense. Filled with coffee, this bath is said to have many positive effects on skin including anti-fatigue and relaxation.

Also, just in case you are tempted to drink some of your...favorite beverages...spa staff members remain on hand to bring you a glass of whatever you are bathing in.

Moreover, if you decide that you need to take a break from these more unique offerings, the resort also offers an assortment of entertaining options including: the Aegean Sea of the Gods, charcoal bath, fortune bath, cherry blossom viewing bath, and the Goemon’s bath. Oh, and there is also feet cleaning fish...  

Which bath would you like to try? Do you think these beverage spas are actually good for your skin? Let us know below! 

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