The web browser game Japan World Cup — originally released in 2011lets players bet on horse races. Which maybe sounds kind of boring, until you see what the races actually look like:

What the?! The game came to light last May, when Hightower and AxialMatt of the Achievement Hunter Community Video channel uploaded a five-minute clip of footage from a DVD of the game. The clip was found, hit Reddit, and quickly went viral. And how could it not — just look at some gifs from the game:

I'm pretty sure that a giraffe and an elephant have no place in a horse race.

Then again, neither do odd mechanical horses that spray some kind of yellow liquid — ugh, never mind, I won't ask.

And this is really stretching it; I thought disco dancing was for celebrating after the horse race!

This probably isn't against the rules, and, you know what? Now we kind of wish all horse racing occurred with the horses on their hind-legs. Get the Kentucky Derby on the line: we have an idea. But that's not all; just check out the video below (some NSFW language) for more: