If art is meant to make you feel something, you'll definitely be doing a lot of that after checking out these sculptures created by Korean artist Choi Xooang, whose pieces are catching the attention of the international art scene for their hyperrealism and almost horrific beauty.

Having held his first exhibition over 15 years ago, Choi Xooang has been working diligently on his craft ever since, as witnessed by his many oil on resin sculptures currently displayed as part of his residency at the DOOSAN Gallery in Seoul. What sets him apart from his many contemporaries is not only his obvious technique, but his unique message. "My sculpture might be seen as hyperrealism in terms of technique, however, what I express through it, is not reality itself," says Choi. "I distort or exaggerate reality in order to express a certain phenomenon or status."

What Choi is expressing is his deep concern for the current human condition, with a focus on individuals and their relationships to society. By intricately and realistically distorting and exaggerating shapes and expressions, he exposes the anxiety, insecurity, and fragility of the human being. His naked sculptures are a perfect way to show the individual in its purest form. This type of work can seem pretty creepy to a lot of people, but it definitely is intense and thought-provoking. You can find more information on Choi Xooang and his works on the artist page on the DOOSAN Gallery website.


The artist, Choi Xooang


Tomorrow With You

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