This extremely interesting project was developed by the British company Yacht Island Design, which specializes in creating unique super-yacht designs. The magnificent yacht is inspired by a tropical island in the Indian Ocean and features 6 bamboo huts located on the main deck.

Having a total length of 90 m, this gigantic floating island can be compared to a miniature paradise. Ten guests can enjoy the beauty of palm trees and an artificial waterfall that starts at the top of the volcano, which is placed at the back of the boat, the highest point on deck. The sea party can move inside the volcano if the weather is bad because a large cinema, VIP suites with private balconies, a game room and a gym with a spa make the guests feel at home.

An artificial river gathers the water from the waterfall, splits the main deck into two parts, and then slowly ends in a large swimming pool with an ocean view in front of the yacht. The back side features a helipad which can also be used as a wide balcony, and underneath, designers have created a retractable deck with beds where guests can enjoy swimming, jet skiing or other motorized water activities. Maybe one day you, or one of your friends, will be able to pay $160 million for such a beauty!

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