Perfect365 is a popular makeup app for females meant to be used as a photo retouching tool. Girls can add mascara or lipstick, apply more blush, and even make wrinkles and moles disappear. But some girls in Japan figured out a better way to use the app than just using it for themselves and their friends. They're using it on their pets.

This photo retouching app is supposed to make girls pretty, even prettier, than they already are. It does everything from shaping your eyebrows to putting color contacts in your eyes. You can even get a facelift, and whiten your teeth while you're at it. It can give you a narrower nose, or it can slim down your face. Want fuller lips? No problem.

It seems that this app is quickly gaining popularity in Japan, with many girls sharing photos online, but it's not photos of themselves they're retouching. They're retouching their pets! One girl posted a photo of her pretty dog with some eyeliner, mascara and blush and a sexy hairdo waiting for her dinner, and since then it's been game on. Dogs from all over Japan showed up online, all looking like they were about to go out for a night on the town to pick up some boys. And it's not just dogs. It's cats, too. And...

Just look at these twitter and instagram photos going around in Japan.

"What do you have for white wine?"

Perfect OK Cupid profile:

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I've seen girls who look like this:

I've seen dudes that look like this:

Never seen anyone that looks like this:

Seen that hairdo:

So photogenic already: