On a southern Sichuan road in China, a woman on a scooter was struck by another vehicle and left on the middle of the road. The suspect drove off, but what happened next was inspiring.

Xiao Guohua, a 60-year-old worker for the Taixing City Government Offices Administration for Work, happened to spot the woman on the road in his Mercedes station wagon. He pulled over, got out, and proceeded to pick up the scooter and walk it to the side of the road. He then helped the woman up and made sure she was fine. When she nodded to him, confirming her condition, he left the scene.

A reporter was able to snap photos of Xiao Guohua helping the young woman and was able to find and interview him later.

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Xiao Guohua was on his way to meet a friend for dinner when he noticed the woman on the road and nobody helping. He was relieved to find her unharmed when he helped her.