While 29-year old A-Zhen was waiting for his cell phone to be repaired, he decided to play with a boxing machine at a gaming room. He put on a boxing glove and punched a few times. After the third punch, he felt a tingling sensation throughout his body. Three days later, he felt something wrong in the middle of the night. He was paralyzed from the waist down.

The doctor says he has a congenital condition where he was born with narrowed vertebrae in his neck. When he used force to strike, the force went to his neck and caused constriction in his neck's vertebrae.

A week after surgery, he lost the ability to talk and became completely paralyzed.

Two months later, he is confined in bed and relies on his wife and parents for every simple thing in life.

Since the machine did not malfunction and there is sufficient warning for users, A-Zhen is not expected to be able to sue for damages.