It seems the entire world is playing Pokémon GO—looking for and finding Pokémon all over the place—but where this one young man found Pikachu will either have you wiping away your tears, or wondering why he was playing the popular game on his smartphone in such a location in the first place.

The world is going Pokémon GO crazy. Just a few days ago, while enjoying a beautiful summer day in Central Park with some friends, I saw countless people playing the game on their smartphones. Just today, I read about some police officers in Queens that were caught playing the game while on patrol. So yes, the fever is real. According to estimates, Pokémon GO has been downloaded more times in a week than the dating app Tinder has in the four years it's been around. Yes, people are obsessed with Pokémon GO, and can't help but play the game whenever they're outside (people play indoors as well, of course).

One person who happened to be playing outside found something very special. An unnamed young man, who netizens are speculating to be Dutch, found Pikachu at the site of his Pikachu-loving deceased younger brother's grave. Yes, you read that correctly. A man was playing Pokémon GO while visiting his brother's grave, and found Pikachu right next to his little bro's Pikachu gravestone. What makes the story really crazy is that, apparently, Pikachu is a rare find for anyone playing the game, so for the man to find one at his little brother's grave, who loved the little character, was like a message from the heavens. 


Yes, it seems that everyone is playing Pokémon GO, everywhere. Even when visiting graves.


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