On Valentine's Day, a Chinese woman in Xiamen, Fujian province made a special arrangement to give her boyfriend the surprise of his life. Boy, was he 'unpleasantly' surprised!

Here she is in her sexy black dress standing in a movie theater:

She gives her proposal speech, and kneels down holding up a ring:

Here he is with an expression-less face. Maybe he is just stunned:

He must have said yes, or maybe he felt compelled to.

Here he is putting the ring on her finger. Still no smile on his face.

He actually looks like he's frowning when she hugs him tightly:

Just look at how his hands are barely touching her.

Is he embarrassed or unhappy?

Or, (putting my rose-colored glasses on) he is just too happy to show any emotions!

What chance do you give for their future happiness as a couple?