by Lea:

Miss A is a 4 member girl group formed under JYP Entertainment. Their members are a mix of Korean and Chinese members. Members Min and Suzy are of Korean descent while Fei and Jia are both Chinese born. Having official debuted in 2010 with the single “Bad Girl Good Girl”, the girls have to date released a subsequent mini-album entitled “Step Up” and a full length album called “A Class.”

On February 20th, Miss A released their 4th mini-album “Touch.” Consisting of six total tracks, one of which is a remix, Touch is the title song and is scheduled to be promoted by Miss A starting Feb 24th.

Track Breakdown –

  1. Touch : A hypnotic dance beat reverberates throughout the piece. A sprinkling of more tinny sounding notes interrupted by a deeper bass drum opens the song. With lyrics about one “touching my heart,” the vocals sound more soulful than previous Miss A songs.

    1. Lips : A more upbeat tempo track with more electronic dance beat. With the club feel the lyrics are delivered with more of a sharp precision, almost rap style until the chorus. Bridge gives an infusion of the soulful feel from Touch. However with a dance break area of just beats, the club feel is not lost.

    1. Rock N’Rule : Another upbeat track, however, with subtle difference can be found in this song. With a higher pitched song, this song has uplifting lyrics about rocking and ruling the night. With less bass and more electronic sounding funk, the combination makes it again made for dancing. A Dubstep-ish dance break pause in the lyrics tie in the elements perfectly.

    1. No Mercy : A very bass heavy but upbeat track that starts off making you thing of “Mercy” made famous by Duffy. However that is quickly changed into a track that while still has that jazzy underbeat is a very different beast. A more retro feel despite the electronic effects comes across. The song’s title is found throughout the hook, as the lyrics “no mercy” are repeated several times.

    1. Over U : The girls keep up with the dance/electronic beats through at this one. However, this one feels more like the Miss A from “A Class.” With a hook of, “I am so over you,” this bears a striking resemblance in beat and sound to “Goodbye Baby.” A heavier bass line and faster delivery of the song make this very club appropriate as well.

    1. Touch (Newport Remix) : With more of an R&B feel, this track starts with a piano instead of the dance beat. Slowing the tempo down slightly, the song becomes more heartfelt. The soulful delivery of the lyrics suits with the simplistic piano and snare drum background music.

    Review –

    First and foremost, I must say Miss A put together an album that really goes well together. Most of the time groups have songs that don’t really fit well as a collective. This album, on the other hand, feels like all the songs mesh well together. There are no real moments of “why is this song here” throughout the entire mini-album. So that is a major plus for me as I generally like to listen to an album in its entirety, not skip around to the one or two songs that I like.

  1. Secondly, this is my disclaimer. I am not apart of Miss A’s fanclub – Say A. I wouldn’t even call myself a fan of them in any sense of the word, but at the same time I am not adverse to them. I feel my exposure to Miss A is so limited I haven’t got much to judge them against themselves really. However, as an avid KPOP fan, I have plenty of other girl groups to compare them to. Forewarning has now been given.

    So… Touch is their title song and the monomer for their entire mini-album. While the song is not bad to me, it just isn’t what I would consider title song material. There are much better songs on this album, ie. my fave – Lips. Maybe if the remix, for which I think the piano and snare drum suit it better, was the title track I wouldn’t be so perplexed.

    The bright moments in this album are definitely the club appeal of all the tracks. I can see all of them, including the lacking title track Touch, being played and danced to. The electronic beats and effects are great without sounding overproduced.

    The sad part of this album for me is that everything is a slightly different version of the same thing. Yes, they change it up and even I wouldn’t say they sound the same. However, they are in and of the same thing. They are an upbeat dance electronic sounding song. It’s kind of a lather, rinse, and repeat – only with different shampoos.

    Overall, it’s a good album, not a great one. I am also worried about Miss A’s timing with this album. As one who does know the upcoming scheduled comebacks, I am not sure how this album will stack up or chart against some of the heavy hitters in the upcoming weeks. We will all have to watch and see.

    Rating - 4.3/5

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