It's not very often that a movie poster makes the news, but fortunately for all us, that is not the case with one poster at a theater in Penghu, Taiwan. The theater's hand-drawn and colored Godzilla movie poster, quite frankly, looks like something a seven-year-old drew, and it made the SET News for its wild uniqueness.

After getting a closer look, you can see the Godzilla was hand-drawn and colored towering over buildings that look like they are on fire. Or it can also be interpreted that Godzilla himself is on fire.

Either way, it's important to note that the giant monster is holding a peace sign, so everything is cool. As you can see from the photos, many people are flocking to the theater just to take a picture of this hilarious poster. We certainly hope this is not the last of the theater's homemade movie signs.”">Watch four rookie detectives fight crime under a hot-blooded, off-the-wall chief detective in You Are All Surrounded.

[Photo credit: pttradiotw]

Not hand-drawn

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