Just like Ha Suk Jin and Park Ha Sun in Let's Drink, most of us sometimes like to let loose or cope with stress by downing a few drinks every so often. But for those of us that enjoy drinking alcohol a little too much and maybe way too often, a new brand of vodka promises to save your liver, no matter how much you drink.

Getting drunk is definitely fun, and sometimes even necessary (for some people), but it can cause some very serious damage to your mental and physical health. Perhaps what's most adversely affected is your liver, of which one of its most important functions is to break down what you ingest and convert it into energy, all the while breaking down waste products in your body. As we all know at this point, alcohol is something that the liver has to work extra hard to break down. When an individual drinks too much, the stress put on the liver goes into overdrive, damaging cells and ultimately leading to scarring and inflammation as the liver tries to repair itself. And not only that, alcohol also damages our intestines, which allows more toxins into the liver, which leads to more scarring and inflammation. Enough of this, and the liver will cease to function properly, leading to what's called fatty liver and eventually cirrhosis. All of this doesn't sound too pleasant, especially for those who love to drink. 

Fortunately, a new brand of vodka can prevent all that. Bellion Vodka is the world’s first commercially-available alcoholic drink produced with a technology called NTX, which significantly reduces the damage caused by alcohol to our liver and DNA. According to Indian entrepreneur Harsha Chigurupati, NTX is a “proprietary blend of ingredients” that protects the liver from the harmful effects of alcohol without affecting the taste. In human trials, NTX reduced the negative effects of alcohol on the liver and DNA by an astounding 93%. After 10 years of research, Harsha and his colleagues are finally able to market this magic drink in the United States, but are prevented from labelling the benefits of Bellion Vodka by government agencies, despite scientific backing. But even with some setbacks, Bellion Vodka is currently available in 15 states, and hopefully will be available in all 50 by the end of the year.

As great as all this sounds, it's important to remember — anything in moderation. Just because it won't damage you, being drunk all the time is probably not that good of an idea.


Let's Drink (Drinking Solo)

Starring Ha Suk Jin and Park Ha Sun

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