Being aware and conscious of current affairs and the world around us is always important. So this movement coming out of Taiwan won't make the New York Times, but it's still very relevant information.

The youth in Taiwan are now in the middle of a collective movement of sorts and it's getting bigger and bigger, to the point that it is now somewhat of a craze. This movement has gotten so big, that within hours, news of it reached the shores of Japan through the internet. What's happening in Taiwan now is this - the younger generation in Taiwan is putting custard pudding into their Cup Noodles (and other instant noodles). Revolution!

And they claim it is deeeeelicious. Sounds disgusting, but I'm already curious! You basically pour hot water into your noodles, wait three minutes, then put your pudding in it and mix.

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Like I said, I'm curious... but I'm gonna have my pudding for dessert. Thanks, though!