If you like your cocktails hot and spicy, then you're sure to love "RAAA," a new habanero-infused potato shochu. Just be warned that it may be too hot to handle.

RAAA was made by soaking habanero peppers, with a potency said to be 10 times that of Tabasco, for a month inside the shochu. A label on the bottle clearly warns of the dangers of drinking too much of this potent drink: "It is hotter than you imagine." Seems like a pretty serious warning. The brewery who produced this shochu is Hombo Shuzou (established in 1872), winner of the Gold Award at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London last year for another one of their shochu, Arawaza Sakurajima. So RAAA is not a joke; it's made by some dedicated shochu makers.

How's the flavor? According to one reviewer, "The first sip and my lips and tongue were burning!" So there you have it, it's as hot as advertised. "I didn't think I could have more than a taste, but pretty soon I was drinking it like a normal shochu," said another. If you like shochu and you like hot and spicy, RAAA was pretty much made for you.

It's pretty cheap at 1500 yen, or about 15 dollars, for a 500ml bottle. The only way to purchase it is online at http://item.rakuten.co.jp/hombo/60011/.